TCS NYC Marathon

TCS NYC Marathon 

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Guaranteed Entry!   Event Date: November 5, 2017

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Raise $3,000 ... as you train for and run the TCS New York City Marathon - one of the world's greatest marathons!  Help Inheritance of Hope to inspire hope in families facing the loss of a parent.


Team IoH Benefits:

1. Guaranteed entry to one of the world's greatest marathons.

2. Extensive online fundraising resources - including a personal fundraising webpage to make your fundraising effort simple and successful.

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3. Team IOH gear including runner bag and performance shirt.
4. Encouraging support from Team IoH volunteers on race day.

5. Confidence that every dollar raised will make a lasting difference in the lives of families facing a "marathon" of their own as they deal with a parent's terminal illness.

Run with us!


What Is My Fundraising Commitment?

Runners with charity partners are required to raise a minimum of $3,000. Raising $5,000 will allow an entire family to experience a life-changing Legacy Retreat® together!

Note: Registrants are required to provide credit card information as a guarantee.  Your credit card will only be charged for the balance remaining if we have not received donations totaling $3,000 by October 27, 2017.


How Can I Register?

You can begin your registration process by clicking the green "REGISTER NOW" button.

Join today!


Contact Lisa Duscio:  Team Inheritance of Hope is here to support you every step of your journey!


Run with purpose! Your memorable marathon will create priceless memories for young families facing the loss of a parent. Inspire hope!


Run for families - make a lasting difference!

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